HydroLight™ DE1000 DE Double Ended 1000w Bulb 12Pack-1
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HydroLight™ DE1000 DE Double Ended 1000w Bulb (12 Pack Master Carton Case)

HydroLight™ DE1000 DE Double Ended 1000w Bulb (12 Pack Master Carton Case)


  • Model Number DE1000
  • Voltage: 220V Current: 5.3 A
  • Wattage: 1000W
  • Power Factor: 0.88
  • Luminous Efficiency: 146 lm/W
  • Spectrum Range: 380-780 nm
  • Chromaticity Coordinates: x = 0.52 y=0.42
  • Correlated Color Temp: 2000k
  • Luminous Flux: 146.000 lm
  • Radiant Flux: 420W
  • Red Color Ratio: 21% Par: 2100 umol/s

The HydroLight™ DE Double Ended HPS (High Pressure Sodium) Bulbs are one the best on the market and compare to the leading brand Hortilux. Our Lamps improve on both the quality and quantity of the plant and are also more efficient for your light coverage, electricity and maintenance bills! This is achieved primarily because the lamps are run at extremely high frequencies. This avoids acoustic resonance and improves optimal output and maintains output over time. The resulting reaction provides a more stable temperature and operating current. This Ensures the arc tube is functioning more efficiently providing a improved spectral coverage. DE lamps generally have a 10-30% increase in light intensity and PAR output over traditional SE bulbs. DE lamps emit more ultraviolet and infrared light than traditional SE bulbs, which increases potency and essential oil production in select plants. The DE globe also has a number of other design improvements to increase light output and quality. With the two sockets attached to the arc tube, the DE eliminates the obsolete and light degrading wire frame that holds the arc tube in place in standard SE globes. The DE also uses quartz for the outer glass which is a superior product to the borosilicate used in regular HPS globes and they are filled with nitrogen instead of xenon or argon, which improves thermal conductivity. Upgrading to our DE Bulb it will be a significant improvement for your crop! With the excellent light maintenance they provide, your lamps will maintain High Quality outputs for longer than any other SE HPS in the past. This is cost effective for your Wallet, with less replacement purchases, and, more importantly for the environment, it means less globes thrown out!

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