Pricing– “Consumers should be rewarded for there support”
As our Brand gains recognition for the quality and great pricing we will leverage our buying power to further the cost savings for our consumers.

Quality- “ It was all good just a week ago“
As the indoor gardening industry grows, we will grow at a sustainable rate, which allows our quality standards to remain at there highest, which minimizes out of box defects.

Warranty- “ Give the customer the run around in hopes they’ll just go away”
First we only sell the highest quality products, and when they do fail there is no hoops to jump threw, simply return the product to the store that you have purchased your item from, and it will be replaced on the spot because at hydrolight we understand you cannot pause your garden.

Customer Loyalty- “ Just because the customer doesn’t know the difference”
We never resort to skimping, and we only use the best material and only proven name brand original electronic components.